Revolutionizing Concerts: The 1975's Groundbreaking Carbon-Removed Gig at O2 Arena

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Revolutionizing Concerts: The 1975's Groundbreaking Carbon-Removed Gig at O2 Arena


In the ever-evolving world of music, it's not just about hitting the right notes; it's also about making waves in the right direction. The 1975, a renowned pop band, is set to break new ground. By hosting the world's first carbon-removed concert at the O2 Arena in Greenwich, London. But, is the music industry ready to embrace such a green initiative?

The Revolutionary Concert:

The 1975, always ahead of the curve, is not just making music but also making history. Fresh off their stellar performances at the Reading and Leeds Festivals, they've pulled another rabbit out of the hat with their 2024 UK and European tour, named "Still… At Their Very Best." The crown jewels of this tour will be their two-night stint at London's O2 Arena on February 12 and 13. These concerts aren't merely about melodies and harmonies; they aim to set a green benchmark in the music world.

The Carbon Removal Initiative:

The concerts' primary goal is to paint a greener picture for large-scale events. The strategy involves not just offsetting but physically erasing the CO2 footprint of the event. From the dazzling light shows to the fans' journey to the venue, every carbon footprint will be meticulously addressed. Techniques range from the age-old method of planting trees to avant-garde approaches like direct air capture. But can these methods truly make a dent in the environmental impact?

The Environmental Price Tag:

A study by A Greener Future for AEG, the guardians of the O2 Arena, shed light on the carbon cost of hosting a mega concert. The carbon tally touches a whopping 100 tonnes, encompassing aspects like catering, power, logistics, and even the band's travel. Neutralizing this carbon comes with a price tag of around £15,000. But isn't it a small price to pay for a greener tomorrow?

The Bigger Picture:

Sam Booth, the green beacon at AEG Europe, emphasized the golden opportunity such initiatives present. While the dream of completely carbon-free events might be a distant star, steps like carbon removal can bridge the gap. The hope is that The 1975's groundbreaking effort will light the way for other artists and the entertainment industry at large.


The 1975's carbon-removed concert isn't just a musical soirée; it's a clarion call for change. It serves as a beacon, highlighting the role every industry, including entertainment, plays in shaping our planet's future. With innovation and commitment, the horizon for live entertainment looks not just entertaining but also ecologically enlightened.

Revolutionizing Concerts: The 1975's Groundbreaking Carbon-Removed Gig at O2 Arena1


What sets The 1975's upcoming concert at the O2 Arena apart?

The concert stands out as the world's pioneering carbon-removed gig, underscoring the band's green commitment.

How does the carbon removal process for this event work?

The strategy involves a hands-on approach, physically extracting the CO2 generated during the event, covering every aspect from stage lights to audience commutes.

How heavy is the carbon footprint of a grand concert at the O2 Arena?

Research pegs the carbon footprint at about 100 tonnes, factoring in elements like food, power, and logistics.

How does The 1975's initiative differ from standard carbon-neutral events?

Unlike the traditional carbon-neutral events that balance out emissions, this initiative zeroes in on physically erasing the carbon produced?

What broader message does The 1975 aim to convey?

The band's vision is to inspire peers and the global entertainment industry to tread the path of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

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