Frankie Bridge's Must-Have M&S Cardigan: The Ultimate Autumn Fashion Statement

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Frankie Bridge's Must-Have M&S Cardigan: The Ultimate Autumn Fashion Statement1


Frankie Bridge, known for always being dressed to the nines, has once again pulled a rabbit out of the hat with a high-street gem. This time around, it's not just any cardigan; it's a chic piece from Marks & Spencer that's the talk of the town. Is this the perfect addition to your autumn wardrobe? Let's dive in.

Frankie's Fashion Statement:

Being a regular face on the "Loose Women" panel, Frankie Bridge knows a thing or two about making a statement. Taking to Instagram, she showcased her latest M&S find. As part of her weekly #FrankiesFaves series where she spills the beans on her top fashion picks, Frankie let the cat out of the bag about a cardigan that's both easy on the pocket and high on style.

Styling the Cardigan:

Priced at a steal for £28, Frankie didn't beat around the bush. She wore the cardigan buttoned-up paired with a denim maxi skirt, Birkenstock clogs, and oversized yellow-tinted sunglasses. With her hair tied up in a neat bun and makeup that was the cherry on top, she looked every bit the fashion icon.

Cardigan Features:

This isn't just another cardigan; it's a cut above the rest. Available in sizes from extra small to extra large, it boasts a V-neck, contrasting buttons, and ribbed detailing. And if cream isn't your cup of tea, it's also available in black, khaki, and grey. With its versatile design and the buzz it's creating will it fly off the shelves?

Versatility of the Cardigan:

This M&S cardigan isn't a one-trick pony. Its neutral tones make it a jack of all trades fitting for every season. Whether you're going for a walk in the park with jeans and trainers or painting the town red with a black maxi skirt, this cardigan has got your back.


Frankie Bridge, time and again, has shown that she has an ace up her sleeve when it comes to fashion. This M&S cardigan is no exception. After all, why break the bank when you can look like a million bucks without burning a hole in your pocket?

Frankie Bridge's Must-Have M&S Cardigan: The Ultimate Autumn Fashion Statement


Where's the best place to snag the cardigan showcased by Frankie Bridge?

Look no further than Marks & Spencer; it's part of their autumn collection.

How did Frankie put her own spin on the M&S cardigan?

Frankie went the whole nine yards, buttoning up the cardigan and pairing it with a denim maxi skirt, clogs, and sunglasses for a look that's worth its weight in gold.

What sets this cardigan apart from the rest?

It's not just about the V-neck design or the buttons; it's the ribbed detailing and the choice of colors that make it stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Are there other shades to choose from for this cardigan?

Absolutely! If cream doesn't float your boat, you have black, khaki, and grey to choose from.

Is the cardigan heavy on the wallet?

Not at all! Priced at £28, it's a bargain that offers both style and comfort.

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