Walgreens' CEO Transition: From Roz Brewer to Ginger Graham's Leadership Era

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Walgreens a renowned pharmacy giant recently underwent a significant leadership change. Roz Brewer one of the few black women CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, decided to hang up her boots as the CEO of Walgreens Boots Alliance. Stepping into her shoes, at least for the time being is Ginger Graham, a seasoned board member and pharmaceutical industry executive. But is this change a blessing in disguise for Walgreens?

The Leadership Shift

  • Roz Brewer's Tenure: Brewer with her vast experience in retail from her time at Starbucks and Walmart, was the guiding light for Walgreens during a transformative phase. Under her watchful eye, the company spread its wings into new territories including urgent care, primary care and specialty pharmaceuticals. However her departure, though sudden didn't come out of the blue especially given her primary focus on expanding Walgreens' healthcare segment.

  • Ginger Graham's Appointment: Graham a board member since the turn of the decade in 2010, was handed the reins as the interim CEO. With a career that's as varied as a patchwork quilt spanning various facets of the healthcare industry, Graham is no stranger to leadership roles. From pioneering drug development at pharmaceutical giants to steering the ship at a global medical technology manufacturer and even leading a healthcare consulting firm, she's been through the mill and emerged stronger.

Ginger Graham: A Closer Look

  • Educational and Professional Background: Graham's credentials are nothing short of impressive. A Harvard MBA graduate she's worn many hats, from CEO roles to prestigious board seats. Before joining the Walgreens bandwagon, she was at the helm of Two Trees Consulting, a healthcare consultancy, for almost a decade from 2007 to 2016.

  • Contributions to the Healthcare Industry: During her stint as the CEO of Amylin Pharmaceuticals, she hit the bull's eye with the FDA approval of the popular blood sugar control medication, Byetta. Her leadership at Guidant, a leading light in cardiological medical devices further cements her reputation in the healthcare sector.

Walgreens' Future Direction

  • Expansion Strategy: Brewer had a clear vision for Walgreens – to move beyond the beaten path of the core pharmacy business. However this ambitious strategy didn't sit well with Wall Street, leading to a change of tack towards integrating new acquisitions. But will this new direction bear fruit in the long run?

  • Challenges Ahead: With the winds of change blowing through Walgreens, following Brewer's sudden departure and the stock plummeting to an 11-year low, Graham has her work cut out for her. Her focus will be on tightening the ship emphasizing operations, and ensuring a seamless transition to the next permanent CEO.


  1. Why did Roz Brewer step down as the CEO of Walgreens Boots Alliance?

    • Brewer's departure though sudden was on the cards. Her vision of expanding Walgreens' healthcare segment led to a change in strategy making it apt to seek leadership with a deeper background in healthcare services.
  2. Who is Ginger Graham?

    • Ginger Graham is a seasoned board member and pharmaceutical industry stalwart. Appointed as the interim CEO of Walgreens Boots Alliance, her diverse experience in healthcare positions her well for the role.
  3. What challenges are on the horizon for Walgreens?

    • Walgreens is at a crossroads with the dual challenge of integrating its new acquisitions and bolstering its stock price. The hunt for a permanent CEO and CFO is also in the offing.

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