Netball Icon Robyn Broughton: A Legacy of Excellence and Dedication

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Netball Icon Robyn Broughton: A Legacy of Excellence and Dedication


The netball world is in a state of mourning having lost Robyn Broughton a beacon of excellence. Isn't it true that legends like her leave an indelible mark? Her legacy shining brighter than a diamond will forever be a part of netball's rich tapestry.

A Storied Career

Early Achievements: Broughton the driving force behind the Southern Sting wore the hat of the head coach from 1998 to 2007. Under her watchful eye the team soared to new heights clinching seven Coca Cola/National Bank Cup titles.

Unmatched Records: With Broughton at the helm, the Sting set the bar high recording an 82% win rate. This record is the gold standard eclipsing her peers by a country mile.

Transition to Trans-Tasman League: As the winds of change blew in 2008 with the advent of the trans-Tasman league Broughton steered the ship of the Southern Steel. Her journey with the Central Pulse painted another feather in her cap from 2012 to 2015.

International Achievements

Silver Ferns Stint: Broughton didn't just play her cards right domestically. She was the right-hand woman for the Silver Ferns in 2000-01.

FastNet Ferns Triumph: Adapting to the fast-paced version of the game Broughton hit the bullseye leading the FastNet Ferns to global glory in 2010.

Accolades and Recognitions

Netball New Zealand's Tribute: Broughton the jewel in the crown of New Zealand's netball received high praise and recognition. Her name is written in gold as a Netball New Life Member.

Queen's Birthday Honors: In 2012, Broughton's star shone even brighter when she was appointed Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit. A feather in her cap isn't it?

Legacy and Impact

Influence on Young Players: Broughton's magic touch transformed many budding players into stars. Her passion was the wind beneath their wings propelling many to stellar sporting careers.

Tributes: As a mark of respect Netball New Zealand plans a grand salute to this titan during the Silver Ferns' face-off against Australia. Moreover the Robyn Broughton Trophy stands as a testament to her unparalleled contributions.


What made Robyn Broughton a standout figure with the Southern Sting?

As the head coach, Broughton was the linchpin for the Southern Sting guiding them to seven illustrious titles.

Did Broughton leave her mark on the international stage?

Absolutely! Broughton showcased her mettle as the Silver Ferns' assistant and later as the victorious leader of the FastNet Ferns.

How did Netball New Zealand immortalize Broughton's legacy?

Broughton's name shines bright as a Netball New Life Member and the Robyn Broughton Trophy stands as a beacon of her coaching brilliance.


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