KPMG NZ's Drink-Spiking Crisis: Unmasking the Culprit and Ensuring Safety

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KPMG NZ's Drink-Spiking Crisis: Unmasking the Culprit and Ensuring Safety


In a bolt from the blue, KPMG's New Zealand branch finds itself in hot water, A black sheep within their ranks is suspected of being the mastermind behind two drink-spiking incidents during company events. The firm has not only knocked on the police's door but also kick-started an internal probe to fish out the culprit?

Incident Details

At two separate gatherings, a snake in the grass at KPMG's New Zealand branch seems to have reared its ugly head. The firm, not one to sweep things under the rug, has beefed up security measures hoping to nip such incidents in the bud. The most recent incident, which took place during the monthly Auckland Partners' meeting, has left everyone walking on eggshells. The exact location remains a mystery but all fingers point to the company premises.

Company's Response

Matt Pritchard, the big cheese of KPMG NZ, didn't mince his words in a staff-wide email. He labeled the perpetrator a "grubby little coward", making it clear that there's no room for such wolves in sheep's clothing at KPMG. Despite having their ducks in a row with security measures and hosting policies, the recent incident has proven to be a fly in the ointment. The firm is now going back to the drawing board to ensure such incidents are a thing of the past.

Investigation and Future Steps

Isn't it alarming that the suspected wrongdoer might be one of their own? With over 300 attendees at the last event, finding the needle in the haystack won't be a walk in the park. But with the police on the case and an internal investigation in full swing, it's only a matter of time before the cat's out of the bag.

Remarks from the Chair

Pritchard, fully aware of the gravity of the situation, acknowledged the drink-spiking epidemic. He expressed disbelief that such a dark cloud could hover over their workplace. After all, isn't KPMG more of a tight-knit family than just a workplace?


The incidents have opened Pandora's box, highlighting the pressing issue of drink-spiking beyond just pubs and clubs. The firm stands united, ready to weather this storm. With a change in leadership on the horizon, only time will tell if Pritchard's tenure will be remembered for this blemish or if the firm can turn over a new leaf.

KPMG NZ's Drink-Spiking Crisis: Unmasking the Culprit and Ensuring Safety2


How has the company taken these incidents on the chin?

KPMG NZ has taken a no-nonsense approach, ramping up security and re-evaluating event protocols. Pritchard's candid email to the staff underscores the firm's commitment to transparency and safety.

Is the company leaving any stone unturned in their investigation?

Absolutely not. The firm is pulling out all the stops, collaborating with the police, and conducting a thorough internal investigation to ensure justice is served.

What's the general mood within the company post these incidents?

The atmosphere is tense, with employees feeling like they're treading on thin ice. The trust has been shaken, but the firm's proactive approach offers a silver lining.

How pivotal are these incidents in the grand scheme of things for KPMG NZ?

These incidents have certainly thrown a spanner in the works. With leadership changes around the corner, the firm's response to this crisis could very well shape its future reputation and trustworthiness


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