Joey King and Steven Piet: A Cinematic Romance Blossoms in Spain

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Joey King and Steven Piet: A Cinematic Romance Blossoms in Spain2

Joey King and Steven Piet: From Silver Screens to Spanish Sunsets

The grapevine's buzzing, and the cat's nearly out of the bag! Joey King, the starlet of Netflix's "The Kissing Booth" and Hulu's "The Act," reportedly tied the knot with filmmaker Steven Piet under Spain's romantic skies.

Diving Deep into Their Romance

1. The Start of a Tale

Joey King, a chameleon on screen with roles from romances to dramas, reportedly found her happy ending with Steven Piet. Their stars crossed on the sets of Hulu series, "The Act." Life imitating art, isn't it?

2. Their Journey with "The Act"

Their love story, enchanting as a ballad, started on "The Act" sets. Steven Piet, directing two episodes, and amidst takes, their bond began.

3. Joey King: Not Just a Face

Starting as child, Joey King's journey in cinema been spectacular. With roles in "Bullet Train," "Crazy Stupid Love," "The Kissing Booth," and "The Act," she's audience's favorite. But who knew she'd be queen of a heart?

Joey King and Steven Piet: A Cinematic Romance Blossoms in Spain

4. A Proposal Worth Words

Joey King talked about proposal on social media. She talked about happiness, so intense it leaves breathless. Date, 2/2/22, is when Steven Piet asked. A match in heaven, agree?

5. Spanish Serenade: Wedding

Choosing Spain, couple exchanged vows. While they've been quiet, sources like Just Jared talked about this affair. All's fair in love and war, right?

6. Snapshot of Their Love

Love in air when Joey King shared moment with Steven Piet at Fonte dos Amores. Her caption, showing their love, read, "Love is cool! Love is grand! Love is kissing in front of the Fonte dos Amores and having many caipirinhas together." Can love be words?

Joey King and Steven Piet: A Cinematic Romance Blossoms in Spain1


Q: How stars align for Joey King and Steven Piet?

A: Love story began on "The Act" sets, a Hulu series where Steven Piet directed episodes.

Q: When Steven Piet kneeled?

A: Proposal was on 2/2/22, Joey King shared on social media.

Q: Where lovebirds tie knot?

A: Couple chose Spain for their wedding.

Q: Joey King's iconic roles?

A: Joey King performed in "The Kissing Booth" series, "Bullet Train," "Crazy Stupid Love," and "The Act."

Q: Couple announced their wedding?

A: Couple remained quiet about wedding, but sources like Just Jared reported it.

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