Cricket's Olympic Dream: Global Expansion and Business Implications for the 2028 Games

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Cricket's Olympic Dream: Global Expansion and Business Implications for the 2028 Games

Cricket's Potential Olympic Inclusion

A Golden Opportunity for Global Expansion?

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is, as they say, "testing the waters" by contemplating the inclusion of new sports in the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics. Among the contenders, cricket seems to be "hitting the ball out of the park" hinting at the sport's potential global expansion. But is this just the tip of the iceberg for the IOC's strategic move to tap into its vast fan base?

Cricket's Olympic Bid

Cricket, a sport with a rich tapestry of history and a colossal following, especially in the Indian subcontinent. Is "stepping up to the plate" for a spot in the 2028 Olympics. This move is not just about enhancing its global footprint but also about "hitting a six" in terms of Olympics' viewership.

The Decision-making Process

The moment of truth will arrive on October 15-16, right on the heels of the World Cup face-off between arch-rivals India and Pakistan. Over 100 IOC members will cast their votes in Mumbai sealing the fate of the sports vying for inclusion. But will cricket emerge as the "dark horse" in this race?

The Strategic Importance of Cricket

The IOC, "with its ear to the ground", recognizes the untapped potential of cricket. With major tech firms in the U.S. "jumping on the bandwagon" and investing in cricket leagues, the sport's inclusion seems more than just a pipe dream. Moreover, with the 2032 Olympics set to be held in Brisbane, Australia where cricket is more than just a game, isn't it high time for its Olympic inclusion?

Other Contenders

While cricket seems to be "batting on the front foot", other sports like flag football, karate, and kickboxing to name a few, are also "throwing their hats in the ring". However, those in the know believe cricket has the upper hand due to its current global appeal.

The Business Perspective

When it comes to the business side of things, cricket seems to be "sitting on a gold mine". For instance, while Indian broadcasters shelled out a significant amount for Olympic rights, the American network NBC invested a king's ransom for a long-term deal. With such dynamics at play can cricket's inclusion amplify these figures?


Cricket's potential inclusion in the 2028 Olympics could be a "game-changer". With the stars aligning in its favor, the world is "on tenterhooks" awaiting the decision.


Why is cricket's inclusion in the Olympics making waves?

It's not just about the sport; it's about tapping into a vast fan base and exploring uncharted territories, especially in nations where cricket is revered.

What's the timeline for the final decision on new sports for the 2028 Olympics?

The D-day is set for October 15-16, with IOC members casting their votes in Mumbai.

Who are the other contenders for the Olympic spot?

Sports like flag football, karate, and kickboxing are also in the fray each bringing its unique flavor to the table.

How does cricket's potential inclusion make business sense?

The sheer investment figures from major broadcasters and tech firms highlight the untapped business potential of cricket in the Olympics.


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