Captivating Legacy: The Unforgettable Journey of Irish Grinstead and 702

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Irish Grinstead: A Legacy Remembered


Irish Grinstead, a shining star in the vast sky of music industry was a renowned member of iconic girl group 702. Known for hits that took world by storm, like “Where My Girls At,” her sudden departure from this world at tender age of 43 has left a void in many hearts. But, what made her such a standout figure in music world?

Early Life and Rise to Stardom

Irish, hand in hand with her sister Lemisha Grinstead and the talented Kameelah Williams, sowed seeds of what would become the legendary group 702. The name, isn't it unique? It was inspired by area code of their vibrant hometown, Las Vegas. Their musical journey kicked off with release of their debut album "No Doubt," in 1996. This album, a pot of gold in its own right, featured tracks like “Steelo,” which wore crown of popularity as theme song for Nickelodeon TV series "Cousin Skeeter."

Major Achievements

As time flew by, 702 spread their wings further and released their second album, aptly titled "702." This album was no flash in pan; it gave world catchy song “Where My Girls At.” The group, however, faced a bump in road when Williams took a brief hiatus and was replaced by Cree La’More. But as they say, every cloud has silver lining. Williams soon rejoined, and group, with renewed vigor, released another masterpiece, "Star," which serenaded fans with single “I Still Love You.”

Brief Hiatus and Return

Every artist needs a breather, right? Group decided to step back and take a break in 2006, marking an 11-year hiatus. However, like phoenix rising from ashes, Grinstead sisters made a dazzling comeback in 2021 through reality series "BET Presents: The Encore." This series was roller coaster, showcasing nine former girl-group members with dream to form supergroup and craft an album in just 30 days. But did they succeed?

Awards and Recognition

Throughout their journey, filled with highs and lows, 702 didn't just catch eye but also won hearts. They received nominations for prestigious awards like American Music Award, BET Award, and multiple Soul Train Lady of Soul Awards. Their blood, sweat, and tears bore fruit when they clinched best R&B/soul album of year by a group, band, or duo for "No Doubt."

Irish's Untimely Demise

World stood still when news of Irish Grinstead's passing echoed. Shared by her sister, Lemisha, through heartfelt Instagram post, it was bolt from blue. Lemisha poured her heart out, reminiscing about golden days of sharing stage with Irish. The cause of Irish's death remains shrouded in mystery, but it's known that she had been battling severe health issues.


Who were pillars behind group 702?

Group 702 was brainchild of Irish Grinstead, her sister Lemisha Grinstead, and melodious Kameelah Williams.

What's in name? Why 702?

Name 702 is nod to area code of their bustling hometown, Las Vegas.

Which 702 song became TV sensation?

Song “Steelo” from "No Doubt" danced its way into homes as theme song for "Cousin Skeeter."

Did 702 bask in limelight of awards?

Absolutely! 702 was showered with nominations and even bagged best R&B/soul album of year for "No Doubt."

How did world learn of tragic news of Irish Grinstead?

Heart-wrenching news was shared by Lemisha Grinstead on her Instagram, leaving fans in disbelief.

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