Belgrade's 2023 World Rowing Championships: The Race to Paris 2024 Begins

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Belgrade's 2023 World Rowing Championships: The Race to Paris 2024 Begins

The 2023 World Rowing Championships:

A Feather in Belgrade's Cap?

The global rowing community, is all ears and eyes on Belgrade, Serbia. Why? Because it's the epicenter for the 2023 World Rowing Championships. This isn't just another feather in the cap for the champions, but a golden ticket for athletes with their eyes on the prize the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The Tip of the Iceberg:

Event Magnitude

Belgrade is not just hosting a championship; it's orchestrating a grand spectacle. Over 950 rowers from every nook and cranny of the globe are pulling out all the stops for this championship. 450 crews are burning the midnight oil, prepping to vie for the World Rowing Championships titles. But there's more than meets the eye, as this event is the stepping stone for the Paris 2024 qualification journey.

Racing Dynamics:

More Than Just Testing the Waters

The championship is set to hit the ground running at 9:30 CET on 3rd September. The Heats for men’s small boats, including single sculls, pair, and double sculls, will set the ball rolling. The lightweight categories will also throw their hat in the ring on this day. The subsequent days will see the waters churned with intense competition until 5th September.

The men’s single sculls is the talk of the town with a whopping 47 entries. The PR3 Mixed Double Sculls is also making waves with 11 crews. This boat class is gearing up to make its maiden voyage in the 2024 Paralympic Games, raising the bar for Paralympic boat classes to five.

The race to Paris 2024 begins in earnest on 4th September. The PR3 Mixed Coxed Four (PR3 Mix4+) is the battleground. The top 6 crews will not only seal their fate in the finals but also book their ticket to the Paralympic Games. But who really qualifies for the Games?

Belgrade's 2023 World Rowing Championships: The Race to Paris 2024 Begins3

The Grand Finale:


The A-Finals, the icing on the cake, will span from 8th to 10th September. This is where the rubber meets the road, determining the world champions and setting the stage for the Olympic and Paralympic showdowns.

Rowing Down Memory Lane:

World Rowing Championships

The senior World Rowing Championships is an event that's old as the hills, marking the end of the rowing season. Champions are crowned across various categories, with a special focus on Olympic boat classes. The championship has come a long way since its inception in 1962, with women joining the fray in 1974 and para events making a splash in 2002.

Belgrade's 2023 World Rowing Championships: The Race to Paris 2024 Begins1


1. Why is the 2023 World Rowing Championships a big deal?

The 2023 edition in Belgrade is not just about the glory of the title. It's the gateway to the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

2. How diverse is the competition in terms of boat classes?

The championship boasts 27 boat classes, catering to men, women, lightweight rowers, and para-rowers.

3. When did para-rowers first get their shot at the World Championships?

Para-rowers first got their oars wet in the World Championships in 2002, hosted in Sevilla, Spain.

4. How does the Paris 2024 qualification process work?

The World Rowing Championships is the litmus test. Exceptional boats secure spots for their nations in the forthcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games.


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