Alaris Equity Partners and The Shipyard: A Financial Alliance Worth Its Weight in Gold

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Alaris Equity Partners and The Shipyard


In the world of finance, every penny counts. Alaris Equity Partners a big fish in the financial pond, has recently cast its net into The Shipyard's waters. marking a pivotal moment in the financial landscape. But what's the real story behind this investment, and why should we sit up and take notice?

1. Overview of the Investment

When it comes to making waves in the financial sector, Alaris Equity Partners Income Trust knows the ropes. Along with its subsidiary, Alaris Equity Partners USA, Inc., they've put their money where their mouth is with a whopping investment of US$59.5 million into The Shipyard, LLC. This isn't just about the dollars and cents; it's a strategic alliance that's worth its weight in gold.

2. The Nature of the Investment

Every coin has two sides, and so does this investment: Preferred Equity: With an eagle eye on the future, Alaris has poured US$42.5 million into preferred equity securing an initial annualized distribution of a cool US$5.95 million. Common Equity: They've also thrown their hat in the ring with a US$17.0 million stake for a minority common equity ownership in The Shipyard.

3. Future Commitments

Alaris isn't one to count their chickens before they hatch. They've shown a willingness to fork out an additional US$5.5 million if The Shipyard sails smoothly to certain financial milestones. Isn't it clear that Alaris sees a pot of gold at the end of The Shipyard's rainbow?

4. The Shipyard: A Brief Overview

The Shipyard isn't a new kid on the block. Founded in 2013 and anchored in Columbus, OH, they've carved a niche as a top-tier integrated marketing agency. With their mantra of "Engineering Brand Love," they blend data science and creativity, creating a recipe for success. But what makes them the cream of the crop in the marketing world?

5. Words from the Leaders

Steve King, the captain at the helm of Alaris, couldn't hide his excitement about this venture. He tipped his hat to The Shipyard's team, led by the visionary CEO Rick Milenthal. On the flip side, Milenthal believes that with Alaris on board, the sky's the limit for The Shipyard. But can two captains steer the ship to uncharted territories?

6. About Alaris Equity Partners

In the financial jungle, Alaris Equity Partners Income Trust stands tall as a lion. Their mission? To offer alternative financing solutions to private firms, ensuring their cash flow remains as steady as a rock, and their unitholders reap the rewards.

Alaris Equity Partners and The Shipyard


Is Alaris making a mountain out of a molehill with this investment?

Not at all. With a total investment of US$59.5 million and a potential additional US$5.5 million on the horizon, Alaris is all in on The Shipyard's potential.

What's The Shipyard's claim to fame?

They're a trailblazing integrated marketing agency, merging data science with creativity to craft campaigns that hit the bullseye every time.

Why is Alaris' investment model a game-changer for The Shipyard?

It's simple. Alaris' model infuses growth capital while letting The Shipyard's team take the reins, ensuring they steer the ship in the right direction.

Is this partnership the golden ticket for both Alaris and The Shipyard?

Time will tell, but all signs point to a fruitful partnership that could change the game for both entities.


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