UPSC Mains Answer Practice 2023: Daily Subject-wise Essentials for Effective Preparation - Week 1

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Hopefuls getting ready for the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) assessments comprehend the significance of steady and successful practice to succeed in the mains assessment. In this article, we present a thorough outline of the UPSC Basics' everyday subject-wise mains answer practice for the primary seven-day stretch of 2023. This program means to give wannabes centered practice open doors, empowering them to upgrade their response composing abilities and reinforce their control over different subjects vital for the UPSC mains assessment.

Day 1: General Investigations Paper 1

The primary day of the week centers around Broad Investigations Paper 1, covering subjects like Indian Legacy and Culture, History, and Geology. Competitors are given practice questions lined up with the UPSC mains schedule to work with how they might interpret key ideas, work on their logical capacities, and improve their capacity to introduce very much organized replies.

Day 2: General Investigations Paper 2

On the subsequent day, the consideration movements to General Examinations Paper 2, which includes points like Administration, Constitution, Commonwealth, Civil rights, and Global Relations. Competitors are given practice questions intended to survey their perception of different administration issues, protected arrangements, civil rights concerns, and worldwide undertakings, empowering them to foster an all encompassing comprehension of the topic.

Day 3: General Investigations Paper 3

The third day centers around Broad Examinations Paper 3, covering subjects like Financial aspects, Climate, Science, Innovation, and Interior Security. Wannabes are given practice questions that expect them to break down monetary issues, grasp ecological difficulties, assess innovative headways, and survey inward security concerns, cultivating a complete comprehension of these essential points.

Day 4: General Investigations Paper 4

On the fourth day, the accentuation is on Broad Investigations Paper 4, which spins around Morals, Uprightness, and Inclination. Competitors are given practice questions that request decisive reasoning, moral thinking, and the use of moral standards to address certifiable situations. This exercise supports the advancement of moral critical thinking abilities and develops a comprehension of the moral aspects related with managerial practices.

Day 5: Discretionary Subject

The last day of the week centers around the discretionary subject picked by the hopefuls. Practice questions well defined for the chose discretionary subject are given to improve subject information, foster calculated lucidity, and reinforce the capacity to introduce all around contended replies in the mains assessment.


The UPSC Fundamentals' everyday subject-wise mains answer practice for the principal seven day stretch of 2023 offers an organized way to deal with UPSC competitors, empowering them to refine their response composing abilities and gain a more profound comprehension of different subjects. By tirelessly rehearsing the gave questions, wannabes can work on their general execution in the UPSC mains assessment, improving their odds of coming out on top. This program fills in as a priceless asset for hopefuls trying to succeed in their UPSC arrangements and secure a brilliant future in the domain of common administrations.


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